General linguistics
Innovation in Language Teaching
Foreign Language Teaching and Applied linguistics
Language acquisition and learning
Language Course Development
Language Testing and Evaluation
Language Course Evaluation
Language education
Learning and teaching methods and evaluation
Integrated education
Online learning
course management
curriculum design
open education
Innovative teaching mode
innovation ability
Quality Education

personnel training

Cross cultural interaction
Cross cultural management
Cross cultural product and Service design
cultural difference
Culture and Psychology
Social Development Design
Cross cultural training
Cross cultural negotiation
Communication disorder
Cross cultural business communication
Culture in the context of organizational globalization
Chinese Traditional Culture and Overseas Culture
Regional Culture and Cultural Differences
culture industry
Intangible cultural heritage
Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Literature
Cultural Studies
Transdisciplinarity in social sciences
Language and Cultural Exchange
Education and Cultural Exchange
Cross cultural education

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  • Conference Date: May 20, 2024
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